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Olive leaves with pepper cream

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Olive leaves 320 g
Red peppers 400 g
Copper tomatoes 250 g
1 clove garlic
Basil to taste
Olive oil as needed.
Salt up to taste
Black pepper to taste
Basil leaves
To prepare pasta with pepper cream, boil the pasta water.
Meantime. wash the peppers, remove the cap, remove the seeds and cut them into cubes.
Coarsely chop the tomato.
Pour a drizzle of oil into a pan and sauté the garlic, adding the pepper cubesne
and the tomato then flavored with pepper and basil leaves.
Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally
When the peppers are cooked, pour the pasta into the boiling water and cook for the indicated time.
Meanwhile, pour the cooked peppers with tomato into a container and blend everything with the mixer.
Transfer the cream obtained to a pan or to the same one in which you cooked the peppers, turn on the low heat, add a ladle of pasta cooking water and then, once cooked al dente, drain the pasta directly in the pepper cream.
Stir for a few moments to mix the pasta well, then transfer to plates.
Your pasta with pepper cream is ready to be served.

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