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Potato pitta


- 1 kg of potatoes

- 5 large onions

- 1 handful of capers

- 250 g of pitted black olives

- 500 g of tomato puree

- 1 cup of grated Parmesan cheese

- 1 egg

- bread crumbs

- extra virgin olive oil

- salt.



First of all you need to boil the potatoes

As soon as they are cooked, drain and peel.
Mash the potatoes through a potato masher and purée.

Add an egg and a cup of Parmesan to the puree and work with your hands to make the mixture smooth.

Meanwhile, you have thinly sliced the onions and put them to dry in a pan with extra virgin olive oil.

Once the onions are wilted, first add the pitted and chopped olives and the capers and then the sauce.

Finish cooking by adding salt, just a pinch, and set aside.
Now take the previously processed mashed potatoes and grease a baking tray sprinkling it with breadcrumbs.

Then roll out a first layer of potatoes which must be about 1 and a half centimeters high and spread the cooked capers and olives over the onions.

If you don't like chopped onions too much, you can blend everything.

Then cover with another layer of potatoes

Level the dough well by greasing your hand with oil and sprinkle with a little breadcrumbs

Bake in a hot oven for about 30 'at 200 until you see a nice golden crust..


To be served both hot and cold.

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