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Who we are

Saying who we are and what we do is simple and within everyone's reach, but it's not enough for us. We want to pass on to you the commitment, passion and love we put into selecting our products; to let anyone who loves our cuisine or some curious who want to know the Apulian and Salento culinary tradition savor them.a.

The Integralista is a project born in 2017 inNardò, inSalento, with the aim of offering everyone the opportunity to taste typical local products from Salento and Puglia..

All this takes place through a careful selection of products, guaranteed and certified by our companies..

To do this, we are the first to use them in our kitchens, in such a way as to offer a direct experience of what really arrives on the tables all over the world, allowing you to savor the tastes and fragrances of southern Italy..

In doing so we guarantee theMade in Apulia everywhere.

On our site you can find a wide range of products, from the small local pastry, with highly specialized staff in the production of pastries, biscuits and sweets, to the large coffee plant, which is roasted under the hot sun of the Apulian summer days.

We are talking about artisanal products and typical local specialties, prepared with centenary recipes that are still handed down from generation to generation, but which contain all the flavors of the past.

All this isThe Integralista, but in reality it is much more: it is the desire to let everyone who wants to immerse themselves in our culture discover what we love and appreciate.


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