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Amaro Salento 75 cl. - L'Integralista

Amaro Salento 75 cl.

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The Amaro Salento recipe is secret, a synthesis of ancient formulas typical of the most genuine Salento tradition, wisely elaborated and perfected in order to achieve a balanced and harmonious elixir, pleasant and tasty for most palates..


Realino Mazzotta, creator and president of Amaro Salento srl, after an in-depth study and motivated by love for his land, intended to retrace that ancient homemade and artisan tradition by creating a completely new and modern version of a bitter liqueur that includes over 45 vegetables composed of herbs , roots, peels, bark, seeds, flowers and rhizomes at an alcohol content of 35 degrees, obtaining a tasty and pleasant liqueur to drink preferably very cold from the freezer or fridge and in imaginative cocktailsil

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