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Paolo Leo Salice Salentino Vino Rosso cl.75 - L'Integralista

Paolo Leo Salice Salentino Red Wine cl. 75

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Salice Salentino Rosso DOC
The Salice Salentino DOP denomination is among the most renowned in Salento. Born from the recognition due to an area of ancient winemaking tradition, it is mostly a blend of Negroamaro and other native varieties, traditionally Malvasia Nera. With a medium body, right tannins and spicy fruity taste, Salice Salentino is the ideal accompaniment for many first and second courses.i.

VINES: Negroamaro 85; other indigenous vines falling within the denominationone

DENOMINATION: Salice Salentino DOP

PRODUCTION AREA: rural area of the provinces of Brindisi and Lecce

TRAINING SYSTEM: traditional Apulian sapling and counter-espalier

SOIL: clayey

PLANTING DENSITY AND YIELD: 4500 plants per hectare and 2.5 kg of grapes per planta

HARVEST: manual harvesting is carried out in the early hours of dawn, avoiding the high temperatures that negatively affect the freshness and aroma of the grapese

VINIFICATION: destemming, fermentation at a controlled temperature of 25CC

MATURATION: 18 months in steel and 1 month in bottle


CALORIE: 94.5 kcal / 100 ml

TASTING NOTES: intense ruby red color; elegant scent of black cherry, cherry and plum, spicy connotes; full taste, good acidity and rightly tannic. Fruity and spicy finish, pleasantly bitter.
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